Using Facebook to Find a WordPress Job

Posted by Ben | March 29, 2011 | General


Do You Use Facebook?

Many of us are completely immersed into the social blogosphere, chatting and liking our way around masses of UGC Content, tagging ourselves and our friends in photos, stalking each other and laughing at the boss. But as the virtual merges ever more seamlessly with reality, is it time we started looking to our Social Networks as more than just a place to satisfy our voyeurism? If you live your life on Facebook anyway, maybe you should consider using it to help you find that next freelance job. Other Social Networks have already tapped into this successfully, LinkedIn has positioned it’s self as a professional’s network, and allows users to keep track of business and professional relationships as well as helping professionals strike up working relationships. Facebook whilst much more focused on general sociality, could really help you find that high paying freelance wordpress job.

Now days, one of the first things a new business start up will do is establish themselves on Facebook and set up their twitter account, join these pages, learn about the idea or the business and checkout their website. Be pro-active, see and understand how it’s built and think about what you could do with it – if you plan to use WordPress, think about the benefits, have you really got a case to make? If so, send an email with some suggestions. Start up’s love a bit of free consultancy, and if done in the right way the owner will feel flattered that you thought so much of their idea to get in touch. It’s also great for your own online CV, people will see you keeping in touch with the latest, which to a potential employer makes you seem more on the pulse.

You can also use facebook to search for general groups relating to wordpress, and freelance web jobs, you should search around and join a few that you think are a good match – Post some helpful and insightful comments and expand your network of industry professionals.

As well as this, Facebook supports a bunch of applications which can help you on your way to finding a job: The ‘EasyCV Curriculum Vitae’ app allows users to post their CV on their Facebook profile. Another great app – BranchOut allows you to see which companies your friends have worked at and you can even integrate it with your Linked In Profile.

Finally ensure your facebook page isn’t working against you, a survey of employers found that 4 in 10 rejected a candidate after seeing their facebook page. Make sure that the incriminating photos of you and your mates are set to private, and wall posts from mates can only be seen by you and your friends, not your new potential employer!

How to find Freelance WordPress Jobs

Posted by Ben | January 24, 2011 | Wordpress Jobs

Wordpress Jobs

Wordpress Jobs

We’ve all no doubt been touched by the the massive online WordPress community, and the recent surge of premium wordpress theme designers, some of whom only design pro themes for a living, often making a very good wage out of it. But the WordPress community isnt just for pro theme designers, there is a huge demand for professional freelancers to take on more bespoke wordpress projects. Many web design agencies and Freelance Designers are actually making a large portion of their income out of these kinds of projects, and with the endless support forums, free plugins and design inspiration out there, the world of Freelance WordPress Jobs is a cracking gifthorse for the Freelancer. These jobs range from custom plugin design and development, custom theme design or bespoke blog integration.

The wordpress job list naturally features only WordPress jobs and so is the ideal place for the Freelancer to find interesting and well paid legitimate WordPress Jobs, but it’s not just the WordPress Joblist that should be part of every freelancers toolbelt, so here’s a list of the other tools we recommend utilizing when taking on those WordPress projects.

So take a moment to browse the sites above, and if you’re feeling up to the task, browse our Freelance WordPress Jobs and get yourself a great new Freelance WordPress Job!


Wordpress is a brand new job list for people searching for WordPress jobs. We only list WordPress jobs for people with a passion for innovation and creative design. We list new WordPress jobs every day so you’re sure to find somthing that suits you. From WordPress Theme Design Freelance jobs to full time WordPress programming jobs we have a diverse range of awesome WordPress roles.

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